Trade fairs worldwide: WACHTEL all around the globe

40 trade fairs in the first quarter. We say Thank You!

We are counting 40 trade fairs worldwide, only within the first quarter of 2018. We have been travelling from Russia to Taiwan, from the Netherlands to Hungary and of course within Germany. 55 trade fair days at different sites, more than 165 man-days and thousands of kilometers all across the globe is the outcome.

As always, our matching booth concept convinced in a perfect synergy with our exhibited products, making feel our guests welcome and perfectly comfortable at our booth, particularly enhanced, by live baking sessions with our master bakers and their fresh-made premium baking products.

Special thanks go to our customers, visitors and business partners who made our fairs as successful as they were. We are looking back at numerous inspiring technical discussions and interesting experience exchanges. Thank you for your positive feedback, your recognition and expressing your trust in our oven and cooling expertise. We are happy to receive your valuable feedback as this gives us the chance to improve constantly:  for outstanding products and delighted customers.

Now we are looking forward to Bakery China in Shanghai and of course the trade fair of the year - iba in Munich.