Modern bakery behind glass at Sirkus Renaa in Norway

New culinary hotspot: as varied and eventful as a circus

Sirkus Renaa opened a new store in Stavanger (Norway) in 2020 with a unique concept. On 900 square meters there is a pastry shop, a bakery, a chocolate and ice cream factory, a pizzeria, a café, a restaurant and a bar. Of course, the bakery must be ideally equipped for this variety of products - an INFRA deck oven with a SEMILIFT loader, a rack oven ATLAS and four plug-in COBOX systems help the team with smooth production. The highlight: a bakery behind glass, which allows the customer to view the production.

“Satisfied guests are the driving force behind our work. Our team is great and takes pleasure in delivering the highest quality." say owners Torill and Sven Erik Renaa. Sirkus Renaa focuses on regionality and works mainly with local partners and organic materials. The company works with producers who focus on raw materials that "treat both the environment and the body well", according to the company policy. At the same time, the focus is on unique quality and the highest taste.

Our bakery ovens, cooling technology and loaders create an ideal interplay in Sirkus Renaas bakery. In the INFRA CE deck oven, each baking chamber serves as an independent oven: heat and steam can be regulated independently. The SEMILIFT helps to load and unload the individual baking chambers. The ATLAS rack oven is an all-round talent in the production: the higtech oven is not only energy-efficient but also impresses with its new, modern technology. The COBOX systems are available as cooling, high-performance freezers and proofing cells.

We wish Sirkus Renaa all the best and happy baking!