New facilities for bakery Scholl in Schwäbisch Hall

Since 1878 the bakery Scholl bakes with quality and natural ingredients.

Baking tradition since 1878: For the most part the bakery in Schwäbisch Hall uses traditional baking recipes and only the very best ingredients that are grown in the region. At the same time they try to consider current nutritional trends and tastes while trying out new stuff in order to meet their customers expectations.

For the production of any of the baked goods the bakery consistently refrains from using dispensed flavor enhancers and artificial baking additives. And because good things take their time, the bakers let their doughs ripen in peace - for an unforgettable aromatic taste.

How could this be better guaranteed than with ovens and cooling equipment from WACHTEL? The fermented dough pieces can be baked directly as needed over a period of at least 15 hours. An advantage is that the determination of the correct fermentation time by the sales staff is not required and thus a (often occurring in other companies) source of error is excluded.

Friedrich Scholl, owner and CEO of the 26 branches in the Schwäbisch Hall region: "Top priority in our bakery: quality! This applies to our entire range of baked goods, starting with all raw materials and, of course, culminating in the highest quality ovens from WACHTEL! "


The new bakery with its 1,800 square meters offers space for 18 cooling units, 6 COLUMBUS deck ovens and 6 R-EVOLUTION rack ovens.