New WACHTEL ovens for vocational school Bad Gleichenberg

The vocational school Bad Gleichenberg equips its new bakery completely with WACHTEL.

In 2018 it became a sad certainty for the vocational school Gleinstätten in Austria: the permanent closure of the location was upcoming. Due to the low number of students and the fact that the building was in need of renovation, the styrian vocational school had no choice but to close the school. Over 550 students were now facing a major change and were split into regional vocational schools. Also affected were the aspiring confectioners and bakers. Those were moved to Bad Gleichenberg, where they were integrated into the hotel and restaurant industry.

Since the students have already baked on an WACHTEL-INFRA in Gleinstätten, setting up the bakery with WACHTEL ovens was the obvious choice.

After intensive discussions with the director of the school, Mr. Josef Schellnegger, the company Karner (specialist for bakery technology) was commissioned with the furnishing of the new bakery. Therefore, it was completely supplied with ovens and cooling trade from WACHTEL. Now the apprentices have the opportunity to optimally learn their trade. The bakery even radiates in a new, modern glow.

We wish the students all the best and hope that they quickly settle in Bad Gleichenberg – and that the desired WACHTEL equipment helps on this occasion!