Common desire for charity

This Christmas we donated more than money: 400 kg of Spekulatius for a good cause

At the end of the year, we donated a new THERMICO convection oven to the Lions Club in Würselen. During the Christmas market at St. Sebastian the club members are baking for charity purposes. The Christmas Market St. Sebastian is held every year on the first weekend of Advent and is organized and carried out by many volunteer helpers under the roof of the church. The Lions Club has been involved in this Christmas market already for 24 years, and its earnings have been donated to various national and international projects. We also wanted to support this charity and decided to produce a new oven for the Christmas market. "We were surprised and honestly enthusiastic about such a generous donation", says Dr. Keysselitz from the Lions Club.

Our THERMICO baked a hefty amount of more than 400 kg of Spekulatius during this Advent weekend. "The delicious smell of freshly baked spicy Spekulatius cookies spread over the entire market and, as every year, attracted many people to pause at our stand. The cookies baked in the WACHTEL oven were indeed very delicious and made the event a complete success," says Dr. Keysselitz.

Oliver Frey, Managing Director and owner of WACHTEL GmbH, supports the idea: "We are happy to help people who are less fortunate than us to enjoy themselves."

The Lions movement has a tradition that goes back over a hundred years. The Lion’s motto is "We serve". Members donate and raise money through various activities such as the one at the Christmas market. In this way they support people disadvantaged through illness or disasters all over the world.

We are pleased that our THERMICO is now part of this tradition and will continue to bake crispy Spekulatius for many years to come.