With 120 WACHTEL employees and kids in the christmas bakery | Wachtel GmbH

With 120 WACHTEL employees and kids in the christmas bakery

In our show bakery in Hilden our WACHTEL offspring was busy baking cookies.

A brightly lit and festively decorated WACHTEL bakery, happy children's laughter, Christmas music and 80 kg dough – this was the annual “Kinderadventsbacken” (kids christmas bakery). For the fourth time in a row, we invited the children of our WACHTEL employees to our in-house show bakery in Hilden on the first weekend of Advent to bake cookies together.

Together with their parents, the WACHTEL offspring enjoyed producing enough cookies and pastries that will last for the rest of the Christmas season. Under the guidance of our master bakers, dough was kneaded, rolled out and cut with cookie cutters. While the cookies were baked in our INFRA oven, the little ones made their own cookie boxes, painted them and decorated them with festive stickers, glitter and ribbons.

 The delicious smell of the crispy brown cookies spread in the bakery and invited the little ones (and adults) to snack. What was left was generously frosted with chocolate icing and then decorated – just like in a real Christmas bakery. The colorful results ended up in the even more colorful, homemade cookie boxes and the kids were proud to take the sweets home or give them to their friends as a present.

 A great Advent Saturday with great colleagues and 45 junior bakers!