Newsletter February 2018 | Wachtel GmbH

Dear customers, dear WACHTEL-friends,

Here in the Rhineland, we are in the middle of the so-called Fifth Season. One of the great things about Germany is its regional diversity - whether it’s Karneval, Fasching or Fastnacht (all pre-Lenten celebrations), you can certainly supply your customers with a wide variety of regional variations of deep-fried pastries, such as Berliner, Nonnenfürzle, Krapfen and Mutzen (all types of doughnuts). 

However, we are now slowly but surely leaving winter behind us, and we look forward to enjoying the first spring temperatures. Talking of temperatures, this brings us inevitably onto the subject of cooling and our modern cooling systems. No doubt you have already heard of the changes brought about by the so-called EU F-Gas Regulation:

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in the future certain refrigerants will be banned, while existing cooling systems will have to be converted to some extent. We provided information about this mid-way through last year, along with a summary of what this means for our existing customers in the refrigeration industry. We would also be happy to provide you with advice and information about the impacts of the new EU regulation in person. We have briefly summarized the most important points below.

Our specially developed “slow cooling” concepts, with our COOL RISING and COOL RISING PLUS technologies, are becoming increasingly popular in German-speaking countries. Modern in-store bakers are increasingly placing great importance on quality, taste and efficient production processes. Which is why here at WACHTEL, we recorded an impressive 35% growth in the area of cooling during the 2017 financial year (compared to the previous year). We help our customers to produce artisanal, fresh products, and this is obviously paying off for us. 


On that note, I would like to extend my warmest regards to you, along with a triple Helau

Changes in the cooling technique

As from 01/01/2030, all systems operated using the refrigerants R404A, R507 or agents with a GWP higher that 2.500 will be prohibited. These must be converted in good time or replaced with a more modern system. 

The goal of the EU F-Gas Regulation is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby to reduce emissions of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFCs). Don‘t worry – it doesn‘t come into effect immediately – but we want to make sure that as a WACHTEL customer you are well informed, so that you can include this regulation in your future planning and so that you know you can always rely on us as a competent point of contact. 

How can we help you to ensure that the transition is a smooth one? Firstly, we recommend using the following refrigerants as a future-proof alternative to the R404A refrigerant typically used in WACHTEL systems: R452A or R448A/R449A.  Until you make the switch, we will also support you by endeavouring to buy up the stocks of your established refrigerant. 

You are welcome to discuss with us any implications that the new EU F-Gas Regulation might have for you specifically at any time. We would be happy to provide you with advice and information in person, even on site at your premises. We will work closely with you in the future and help you to find the best, most cost-effective option – please feel free to contact us. 


*GWP: Global Warming Potential

WACHTEL trade fair dates

In 2018, WACHTEL will be again represented on the most important trade fairs of the industry. We are looking forward to present you our products in Germany as well as internationally. You can find all dates here.