Pioneer in digitalisation

Take full advantage of our management cockpit tool WACHTEL REMOTE.

Digitalisation offers a lot of opportunities, and over the past few years we have incorporated many innovative ideas and resources into building skills, not only to further strengthen our position in the digital world, but above all to work for the success of our bakers. It goes without saying that we continue to work on our IQ TOUCH and IQ COOL controls as well as WACHTEL REMOTE and improve them for our customers. This is incredibly exciting, because we are ourselves enthusiastic about the opportunities we recognize and use to make the lives of bakers easier and more profitable.

A recent WACHTEL REMOTE usage analysis has revealed how many bakers use this unique remote viewing tool. Within two years, the number of systems connected with WACHTEL REMOTE has increased by 40 times. 1,700 hits within a week show that the system is used intensively by our customers. Going wild on the WATCHTEL REMOTE playing field means gaining more transparency and valuable analysis options, which can trigger unerring process optimizations in the bakery or in the store in order to reduce energy costs and / or improve the quality of the baked goods. Are there any bakers who wouldn`t like that for themselves?

Did you know how quickly you can expose unnecessary empty decks with WACHTEL REMOTE and how easy it is to turn that finding into energy savings of up to 50% in the end? Ask us or the more than 45 "heavy users" who use WACHTEL REMOTE every day.