Bakery China: Quality "Made in Germany"

German pastries and cakes delicacies are very popular in Asia: At the Bakery China, which takes place this year in Shanghai from 05. - 09. May, customers and curious visitors are bustling about the international exhibitor booths.

Also at the WACHTEL ASIA booth, a lot of activities were going on: In addition to local delicacies, our German master baker, who specifically traveled to China for this show, prepared German and French pastries, which sometimes caused sensation. For example, the breads and pastries are not filled and refined with something hearty, as the Asian market is used to, but with something sweet, such as apricot jam, chocolate cream or local fruit. WACHTEL offered both classic and extraordinary treats which surprise the palate of the international audience. On top, Mr. Peng-Chieh Wang, the world champion of the Coupe du Monde, impressed visitors at our booth with his live show, hence creating the pleasant atmosphere.

Our booth offered a variety of interesting exhibits: The focus is primarily on our in-store baking ovens, our PICCOLO deck oven and our THERMICO convection oven. Both impress with their modern design and easy-to-use controls.

The Bakery China is the biggest and most important fair of the bakery industry in the Asian market and therefore offers the optimal conditions to present our brand in the local but also global market.

With our own subsidiary and service teams in Shanghai and Taipei, we are already well represented with WACHTEL in Asia, but we are also aware of the importance of strengthening our presence even more to remain visible to all stakeholders as a strong global player.

In recent months, WACHTEL has been struggling with ongoing trademark infringement in the Chinese market. It is important to us that our customers know exactly if they have purchased a high quality WACHTEL product. Here you can read more about it.