Award-winning quality - „Made in Germany”

For the first time, the renowned German magazine Stern has honoured German companies who develop and produce within Germany. Together with independent experts of economical institutes, the editorial board checked and evaluated products and services of companies along with costs involved.

“We are pleased to inform you, that WACHTEL has been awarded the quality label “Trust in Germany – Made in Germany” – as the only company of our field. In an ever-growing market, it is indispensable to distinguish yourself from competitors. For almost 100 years, we manufacture our products at our German locations near Düsseldorf and Dresden and are therefore proud to receive this award!” stated Oliver Frey, owner and CEO of WACHTEL.

“Made in Germany” is and has always been a synonym for high quality. Even though shifting our production to another country might lower our production costs, we stand by our decision to continue to manufacture and develop our products here. This way we can uphold our high quality-standards and quality has its price.