Fully automated toward higher productivity

The Volkmann bakery based in Heuchelheim in the German state of Hessen took an important step towards modernising its operations by acquiring a large-scale WACHTEL system. The medium-sized, third-generation family business operates more than 21 outlets and runs manufacturing facilities covering a total floor space of approximately 2,500 square metres. Every day, the bakehouse churns out between 28,000 and 30,000 rolls, which are part of an overall portfolio comprising more than 270 different products. In order to keep the company fit for the future, several old, obsolete ovens were replaced with two COLUMBUS deck ovens featuring ICT and a COMFORT oven loading machine. The aim was to simplify handling, which at the same time would increase productivity. 

“We now produce top-quality baking results. The remodelling didn’t affect the production process in the slightest. We’re very pleased with the way the upgrade was handled and with the final outcome”,

Frank Pauly, managing director

Up to 650 loaves of bread per hour can be baked with the newly installed WACHTEL ovens, which translates to a 30% increase in efficiency. In addition, the new loading system reduces strain by enormous amounts. In the past, the oven operator used to have to load and bake off every single loaf by hand. Using the proofing-rack unloading station, loaves can now be unloaded onto the racks when they’ve finished baking. The entire system is controlled as a single unit by the WACHTEL WIN SERVER.


Christian Japes
Project manager
+49 2103 4904-42