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Modern shop bakers will boost their productivity if they deploy the new IQ TOUCH generation of controls: WACHTEL REMOTE lets you remotely monitor and analyse processes and operating data for all ovens – all you need is internet access. Control technology for all types of baking ovens that’s just as intuitive and user-friendly as your smartphone: the IQ TOUCH control system enables comprehensive baking features, individual user adjustments and sophisticated energy management.


  •  Large, high-resolution TFT graphic display 
  •  999 automatic programs, 1 manual program 
  •  Brilliant colour rendering, high viewing angle stability 
  •  Capacitive touch function 
  •  Hygiene convenience thanks to user interface which can be temporarily switched to inactive 
  •  Front panel made of tempered safety glass


  • PC software for real-time remote access to all WACHTEL baking ovens in the GENERATION IQ line
  • Easy to operate via PC or Windows™-based tablet
  • Core element for important in-store process optimisation measures aimed at future-proofing your shop 
  • Readouts of operating and consumption data





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