WACHTEL customers are happy customers

Our customers are all on the same page: They are fully satisfied with ovens from WACHTEL

Our customers have one thing in common: Besides our ovens they have a high customer satisfaction – more specifically a customer satisfaction that lies continually over 90%. Thanks to our last year´s telephone survey* we confidently announce: 95% of our customers are satisfied with our ovens, 95% are satisfied with installations as well as baking results and 96% are satisfied with our distribution. Our service and customer support almost achieve the maximum point score with 98%. We all agree: If our customers are happy, that´s when we are happy, too! With such a positive feedback we are highly motivated to keep on the good work and to prove our customers that it is worth being a WACHTEL-customer.


*results are based on our telephone survey  from 2017/18 with 128 customers which bought 148 ovens