WACHTEL receives seal of approval

WACHTEL has been awarded the seal of approval: „innovative through research 2020/2021“ by the German „Stifterverband“

For the second time WACHTEL has been awarded the „innovative through research“ award by the well-known German Stifterverband. The Stifterverband is one of the biggest private science sponsors in Germany. In addition to its commitment to young academics, excellent universities and top research, it is also its job to examine and evaluate the German research and innovation system.

The seal awarded research companies for their special responsibility, which they assume for the state and society. WACHTEL is the market leader in high-quality ovens and cooling equipment with top customer service for craft bakers. The products are constantly being further developed, particularly in the field of digitalization and energy management.

At WACHTEL research is carried out in particular on the constant further development of ovens and cooling equipment in the range of digitalization and energy managment. A patent was recently filed for the new „energy manager“. It is an additional function of the existing IQ TOUCH control, which is standard in all ovens: customers are able to view the operating costs on a daily basis and thus keep an eye on the consumption of water, electricity, gas and oil. The ENERGY MANAGER also includes intelligent utilization optimization. The system remembers the baking behavior of the user. It knows when baking has actually been done and suggests optimized shooting times.

 „Customer enthusiasm through innovation“

„We are very happy about the „Innovative through research“ award“, says Oliver Frey, Owner and CEO of WACHTEL. „We see the award as confirmation and incentive to continue to inspire our customers as a responsible and innovative company. Together with employees and customers, we are constantly developing our products in order to be the leading company in the market, especially in the area of digitalization and energy efficiency!“