State-of-the-art production at our three locations

Modern Production at Three Sites

Last but not least, we owe our oven-building success to our employees - who realize our high demands for product quality on a daily basis. Including our own subsidiary, we currently employ more than 300 employees in Europe and Asia. We have overseas representation in over 30 countries.

Our production and oven-building activities take place in a total manufacturing space of 12,000 square meters spread over three sites: Hilden, Dresden and Taipei. All our production sites are equipped with modern facilities and are operated in accordance with the latest regulations of modern health and safety practice. For this we invest constantly in health and safety measures and in our employees’ health. At our Hilden site we commissioned the latest Trumpf laser system from (TruLaser 3030) in 2013. Our production facilities therefore constantly reflect the latest standards of modern technology.

Our service center can also be found at three locations: in Hilden, Pulsnitz and Fillingen. Here we take care of all customer needs and provide a fast supply service for spare parts. Our customer service stands out for its rapid response times and a 24/7 emergency service. With us you do not end up with an anonymous call center but rather you reach our competent employees from the start, who will be happy to help you with any problems or questions you may have. 

We are manufacturing in a production space of over 12,000 sqm at the Hilden, Dresden and Taipei locations. We brought the newest laser system by Trumpf (TruLaser 3030) on stream at the Hilden location in the spring of 2013.


Modern industrial safety assures us operational success and reduces accidents on the job. This is why we are constantly investing in industrial safety measures and safeguarding the future of our employees and of our company as a result.

Many Years of Experience for Reliable Premium Systems

With us, oven-building is linked to decades of experience, care and precision. We have been producing ovens, loaders and refrigeration equipment, all Made in Germany, since 1923 – and all this now in the 3rd generation of the family. Our passion for service to our customers and our quality expectations for future-fit premium equipment made us pioneers in the shop bakery sector at an early stage. Today we continue to develop product innovations that become the models for the entire industry.

Accordingly, we are acutely aware of the needs of our customers in the baking industry. All developments in oven construction are matched as well as possible to the requirements of running a bakery. We therefore offer our ovens in a variety of versions that correspond exactly to our customers’ needs. Whether a deck oven or a rack oven, each of our ovens can also be equipped with a range of optional extras and accessories. We can therefore assemble exactly the model you wish.


We realize that not only the oven itself must be right, but also the space around it. For this reason we employ our own in-house customer service team to provide expert installation, maintenance and servicing. Our service technicians have a high level of technical know-how and regularly attend training events. 

Unique Technologies in Oven Construction

Our patented, forward-looking oven technologies are the result of consistent research and development activities. We work constantly to meet the growing expectations of our customers to perfection and we are more than proud of the results. Below we show you some of the technologies that we have developed and refined ourselves:

ICT technology involves a specially developed ceramic coating within the baking chamber. This emits infra-red radiation while also acting as an oversized surface heat exchanger. It optimizes heat radiation in the baking chamber and heats the raw dough to baking temperature faster. Thanks to this more efficient energy transfer, baking times can be reduced by up to 50% for some items.


Also reduced is the baking loss, meaning that less material is required. And not only does ICT technology improve the efficiency of baking significantly; it also markedly improves the quality of the products. You profit from improved aroma and flavor and from extended shelf life and better volume growth in the oven.

Particularly with in-store baking, simple and intuitive oven control is a real must. In designing our ovens we have therefore given particular attention to ease of operation and simple handling. The IQ TOUCH is our next generation of oven control units. It is operated like a smartphone with finger-swipe functions on a large, high-resolution touch display.


The robust operating surface in toughened glass is hygienic and easy to clean. The 999 automatic programs including 10 preset standard programs and 10 baking phases are a particular highlight. Status queries such as whether the unit is ready for baking can be indicated from a distance in traffic-light colors via a large LED indicator. For energy-efficient baking the controller also features an integrated energy management system

For high-performance baking in deck ovens our engineers have developed the unique W-Turbo function. This puts the static baking atmosphere in motion by means of a circulation fan. Radiated heat is thus combined with convection (circulating air) and the benefits of the two forms of heat transfer are likewise combined. The improved heat transfer results in optimal energy utilization - and thus to time savings and improved energy efficiency. In addition, the uniform heat distribution has a positive effect on the baking quality. The finished goods exhibit uniformly formed crusts, increased crispiness, more succulent crumb and increased shelf life