Oven construction to the highest standards

State-of-the-art production at our four locations

We owe our successes in bakery oven construction to our well-trained employees who every single day translate our demands for high-quality products into reality. Together with our company subsidiary we now employ over 280 people in Europe and Asia. The bakery ovens are produced and built on production surfaces covering over 12,000 m2 at our German production sites in Hilden (near Düsseldorf), Pulsnitz (near Dresden) and Taipei in Taiwan. All our production sites are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are operated according to the latest occupational health and safety protection guidelines. To achieve this we are continuously investing in occupational health and safety measures for our employees. In early 2020 we upgraded the machinery at the Hilden and Pulsnitz site with new Bystronic laser systems and bending machines which can cut steel up to 12 mm thick with pressing forces of up to 152 tonnes and components up to 3.1 m long. Along with advanced ergonomics we also use automatic angle measuring systems to achieve very high levels of material quality.

Our customer service stands out due to its quick response times and a 24/7 emergency service. The service app rolled out across Germany helps to process customer orders even faster. This saves both time and valuable resources. Service assignments are recorded and maintained digitally.


Many years’ experience for reliable premium systems

Our experience of building bakery ovens with attention to detail and precision dates back almost 100 years. We have been developing and producing bakery ovens, loaders and cooling systems “Made in Germany” since 1923 and we are now in the 3rd family generation. Our passion for customer service and our quality requirements for future-oriented premium systems made us one of the early pioneers in the in-store baking segment. We are still developing product innovations, which set the benchmarks for the entire sector.

This has given us a very accurate knowledge of the requirements of our customers in the artisan bakery sector. All our bakery oven developments are perfectly attuned to the requirements of bakeries which is why we supply our ovens with many different variants which precisely meet our customers’ requirements. Be it a deck oven or a rack oven – each of our ovens can also be equipped with many optional extras and accessories. This means you can easily and quickly compose the exact model you want.

We know it is not only the bakery ovens themselves that must be right, everything surrounding them is also very important. This is why we employ an in-house factory service centre  to perform professional installation, maintenance and service. Our service engineers have excellent technical knowledge and are trained regularly.

WACHTEL invests in production
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