Büsch bakery in Düsseldorf

INFRA CLASSIC with hinged IQ TOUCH control column for the Büsch bakery

A new branch of the Büsch bakery was opened in the Düsseldorf city center in the "The Crown" building - right next to Düsseldorf's new luxury supermarket. Also in this branch, the bakery Büsch put much emphasis on the external appearance of their store. In addition to a black COBOX, especially the INFRA CLASSIC is the eye-catcher of the store. 


The black INFRA CLASSIC fits perfectly in the traditional design concept of the Büsch bakery with its 23.5 carat gold-plated design elements, analogue baking timer and thermostats, as well as the veneered panes in brick oven optic. Behind the nostalgic baking timers, the extra features desired by the customer are hidden: a control column with special IQ TOUCH controls. In addition to a high degree of user-friendliness, the bakery also benefits from smart energy-saving functions and the connection to WACHTEL REMOTE.

The highlight

Hinged IQ TOUCH control column

Outside: nostalgic CLASSIC control

Inside: separate IQ TOUCH control

That is new

1 x deck oven (INFRA CLASSIC)

1 x cooling equipment (COBOX)

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