Postler organic bakery in Bavarian

First WACHTEL CO2 cooling system for Postler organic bakery

Due to the EU F-Gas Regulation on the reduction of greenhouse gases, some common refrigerants have been completely withdrawn from sale.

In order to counteract this now, and well before 2030, we have commissioned the first CO2 cooling system together with Postler, the progressive and energy-conscious organic baker from Southern Germany.

What is unique about this solution is that the system emits no greenhouse gases so is a future-oriented alternative to the traditional cooling systems on offer for bakeries. Furthermore the Federal State, depending on the equipment location and the size of construction, is supporting such modern and environmentally-friendly equipment with considerable financial resources.

We were involved in the planning of the new building from the very outset as regards the cooling and the ovens. The customer decided on four different rooms with a total surface area of over 100m2: one room for the innovative WACHTEL-patented COOL RISING® technology with frequency-controlled machines, one with low air humidity specially for chocolate products, one with high air humidity for the remaining pâtisserie and bakery products and one for the long-term storage of unpackaged products such as dough pieces at -18 °C.



Every cold cell has its own IQ COOL control located at eye height in each of the respective doors and all cold cells and ovens can be continuously monitored with WACHTEL REMOTE. This enables histories, baking operating times, manual interventions, idle times, active eco-functions, temperature curves and much more to be logged and displayed graphically (HACCP-relevant).


The highlight

First WACHTEL CO2 cooling system

That is new

1 x dough storage cell

1 x COOL RISING®-cell

1 x cooling air cell

1 x chocolate cell

1 x uncooled anteroom

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