Scholl bakery in Schwäbisch Hall

New production hall for Bäckerei Scholl in Schwäbisch Hall

Baking tradition since 1878: In the bakery in Schwäbisch Hall most products are still baked according to traditional recipes using the best ingredients from the region. At the same time, the current nutritional trends and tastes are taken note of, and new things are constantly being developed and tested in order to meet the high demands of a constantly changing market.


As a matter of principle, the products do not contain any flavor enhancers or artificial baking additives.  And because good things take their time, the bakers make sure there is enough time for fermentation - for an unforgettable aromatic taste. How could this be better guaranteed than with ovens and cooling systems from WACHTEL? The fermented dough pieces are baked as needed over a period of at least 15 hours. The determination of the correct fermentation time by the sales staff is not necessary and thus a (in other establishments frequently occurring) source of error is excluded. The quality parameters of the baked goods are ensured by the process control.

The highlight

Complete WACHTEL bakery:

Baking, Cooling, Automation

That is new

13 x cooling equipment (COPRO, COOLING. COSHOCK)

5 x deck ovens (COLUMBUS)

6 x rack ovens (R-EVOLUTION)

3 x proofing cells (AEROMAT)

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