Die Brotpuristen in Speyer

The purist bakers from Speyer only bake in deck ovens

Die Brotpuristen set themselves the mission of baking really good bread. Because it tastes amazingly good, smells unbelievably fantastic and feels so good in the mouth and hands, because there is simply nothing better, they are doing everything possible to make the enjoyment and pleasure of genuine, original bread availableto consumers again. Die Brotpuristen have been baking using WACHTEL deck ovens for a few years now. Two of the three ovens were equipped with the SEMILIFT. The master bakers from Speyer also rely on WACHTEL for cooling and COBOX is essential here.



For ten years a business economist worked at a municipal energy provider – and then an unusual business idea sprang up from his passion for good bread. The jury of the KfW Award Gründen 2018 named the 35 year-old Sebastian Däuwel the Rheinland-Palatinate state winner for his start-up “Die Brotpuristen”.

The highlight

Automated bakery

That is new

2 x loaders (SEMILIFT)

1 x cooling cell (COBOX)

1 x deck oven (INFRA)

2 x in-store-ovens (PICCOLO)

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