Hoenen bakery in Kempen-Tönisberg

Convinced after the test - the Hoenen bakery is now fully equipped with ATLAS rack ovens

The history of the Hoenen bakery began in 1904 when Heinz Hoenen's grandfather took over the bakery and Fröhling grocery store in Tönisberg. Heinz Hoenen opened his own bakery in Tönisberg in 1971. Breads, yeast pastries and cakes were made on a seven square meter baking surface. The first branch followed three years later and then steadily increased to its present size. 


For each of the 6 ATLAS rack ovens the bakery received a financial subsidy. With the help of a separate gas meter on the test oven the energy and CO2 savings were measured and submitted to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The test concluded that Hoenen bakery is consuming 35% less energy. This differs of course with each individual baker depending on capacity utilisation, products and baking programs. All products are baked in the ATLAS apart from bread and rolls. Bread rolls are freshly baked in their branches on PICCOLO deck ovens. This means that all other products from classic pastries through croissants to plum cakes are baked in the rack oven.


The highlight

Modern high-tech rack ovens in a large production hall for high baked goods volumes

That is new

6 x rack oven (ATLAS)

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