VAKSCHOOL in the Netherlands

Dutch VAKSCHOOL in Wageningen acquires 14 ovens and 2 AEROMATs from WACHTEL

Around 800 aspiring bakers and pastry chefs were excited to start their first year at the Rijn IJssel Vakschool on the 27th of November. After the renovation work at the beginning of the year, the college for hospitality, bakery, interior design and tourism has been given a new lease of life: The existing building was not only extended by 2,700 m², but the interior was also completely restructured

to fully integrate the learning environment into a practical setting. The hotel incorporated in the college building is open to the public; delicious meals are prepared in the kitchen of the fully functional restaurant and meeting rooms can be booked in the modern conference centre. The starting point for the plans was to work as sustainably as possible. Consequently, the old building was only partially demolished and the new building was integrated into the existing building. Waste was kept to a minimum and as many materials as possible were reused. Careful consideration was also given to energy consumption.



Our Dutch dealer Spronk has completely equipped the bakery for the aspiring bakers with WACHTEL equipment. The Vakschool now has a grand total of 13 PICCOLO deck ovens, 1 COMET rack oven and 2 AEROMATs. Our deck and rack ovens with integrated energy-saving functions are the perfect solution to meet the demand for sustainability. We wish the students lots of fun and success in their training!

The highlight

School-based learning in connection with baking

That is new

13 x in-store-ovens (PICCOLOs)

1 x rack ovens (COMET)

2 x proofing cells (AEROMAT)

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