Modern cooling equipment for your bakery

Cooling technology is in a modern bakery today at least as important as a solid and reliable oven. For storage, but also for flavor development and the strategic sale opportunities bakery refrigeration plays a central role and is one of the technical manufacturing standards of each bakery operation. WACHTEL offers tailored solutions with our advanced products and groundbreaking technologies perfectly suited to your requirements to condition pastries gently and energy efficient.

Shock freezing / shock cooling without loss of moisture

Fully automatic, centrical controlled cooling processes

Plug-in cabinet system for cooling, freezing and proofing

Cooling concepts individually designed for your needs

Cooling technology – the key to your bakery’s success

Cooling technology enables you to interrupt the process of making your baked goods without losing out on quality. So your bakery products can be effortlessly worked into a dough, then cooled or deep frozen and baked at a later date. In addition to the benefit of reducing costs by making larger product volumes in one go, cooling technology can also be used to improve coordination between production and sales, lightening the baker’s workload.

Cooling technology allows space between making the dough and baking the products – an enormous plus for bakeries. This vastly simplifies the logistics between production and point of sale. Preserved dough can be baked in in-store ovens on a supply and demand basis, so oven-fresh bakery goods can be supplied as and when needed throughout the day.

Custom-made cooling concepts by WACHTEL

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We know the key ingredients for a perfect refrigeration concept! Our many years of experience in cooling technology enables us to provide you with products that tackle everyday bakery issues and have been perfectly tailored to your business. We love planning and creating custom cooling concepts with our customers. So we can incorporate all the key factors, such as your existing systems and your business figures, into the design and tailor our products to your bakery’s requirements.

It goes without saying that we provide comprehensive advice and the usual WACHTEL quality service with all our cooling systems. We also work hard to make the energy footprint of our cooling technology as low as possible. As energy costs continue to rise, investing in energy-saving appliances soon pays off. Your bakery can benefit from energy-efficient cooling technology and help to look after the environment.

Innovative cooling technology in the bakery

Our comprehensive concepts are not the only way we set standards in cooling technology: our innovative technologies also play their part here. We have developed a technology called COOL RISING® that makes it possible to bake proofed dough pieces direct from frozen – additional final proofing is not needed to reproduce top-quality baking results. Minimal temperature differences between the core and surface of the dough prevent it from drying out or forming a skin. Slow, controlled cooling will create the perfect results. The proofing and cooling process is done in the very same unit. 

The proofing and slow cooling process also takes place in the same unit with COOL RISING PLUS technology. The fresh dough pieces are transferred straight from the bread roll unit to stacked boards in the COOL RISING PLUS unit. The cooling and proofing process is closely monitored using core temperature sensors. The equipment automatically switches over to the storage function once the target temperature is reached. Using this technology saves you valuable time and allows for maximum storage in minimal space.


[Translate to English:] Nicht nur mit unseren ganzheitlichen Konzepten setzen wir im Bereich Kältetechnik für die Bäckerei Maßstäbe, sondern auch mit unseren innovativen Technologien. Mit COOL RISING haben wir eine Technik entwickelt, die es möglich macht, gegarte Teiglinge direkt aus der Kälte abzubacken und so ohne weitere Endgare reproduzierbare Backergebnisse höchster Qualität zu erhalten. Durch minimale Temperaturdifferenzen zwischen Teiglingskern und – oberfläche wird ein Verhauten und Austrocknen des Teiglings verhindert. Eine langsame, kontrollierte Abkühlung führt zur gewünschten Gare. Gären und Abkühlen finden damit in ein und derselben Zelle statt.

Auch bei der COOL RISING PLUS Technologie findet das Garen und langsame Abkühlen in derselben Zelle statt. Die frischen Teiglinge werden der COOL RISING PLUS Zelle direkt aus der Brötchenanlage in gestapelten Dielen übergeben. Das Abkühlen und Gären wird mittels Kerntemperaturfühler präzise überwacht. Ist die Zieltemperatur erreicht, schaltet das Gerät automatisch auf die Lagerfunktion um. Der Einsatz dieser Technologie spart Ihnen nicht nur wertvolle Zeit, sondern ermöglicht auch eine maximale Lagerfähigkeit auf kleinster Fläche.

New EU Regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases

From 1 January 2020, it will be illegal to manufacture and put into operation cooling systems that use a refrigerant with a GWP* of > 2,500. This EU ban does not apply to recycled refrigerants, which can be used in maintenance and service works in existing systems without further restrictions until the end of 2029. So existing WACHTEL systems can continue to run until the end of 2029. 

A cooling system put into operation before 1 January 2020 can officially be operated until 31 December 2029 as long as the annual leak test confirms that the system is airtight. All systems that use R404A, R422A or R422D refrigerants will be banned from 1 January 2030. These systems must be converted or replaced by a more modern system before this deadline. The goal of this EU F-Gas Regulation is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and thereby to reduce emissions of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons. 

WACHTEL recommends using the following refrigerants as future-proof alternatives to the R404A refrigerant typically used in WACHTEL systems: R452A or R448A/R449A. 

*GWP: Global Warming Potential

An effective way to conserve baked goods and dough pieces

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Do you want to quickly cool or shock freeze your baked goods? Our COSERV and COSCHOCK bakery conservation systems are the perfect solution as the proofing process for fresh dough can be quickly interrupted without causing moisture loss in the products. Once thawed, your baked goods will be as fresh as they were prior to conservation.

The COSCHOCK conservation system is perfect if you need to shock-freeze fully proofed or unproofed dough pieces as well as freshly baked dough. The large evaporator and the 120 mm thick insulation in all panels ensure that all bakery products are safely and professionally conserved. 

The COSERV units for professional deep-frozen storage of fully proofed, unproofed or freshly baked dough are available in the “K” and “E” series. The E series features a separate shock compartment to speed up the freezing of your premium products. 

Regardless of which model and version you choose, you can expect high-performance bakery-ready cooling technology in a strong, durable stainless steel construction.

More information on conservation

A precise, controllable proofing process

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The automatic proofers and air-conditioned proofing units by WACHTEL allow you to take full control of proofing your bakery products. Conditions such as temperature and humidity can be precisely monitored, and retarding and interrupting the proofing process can be fully automatically and dynamically controlled. The COPRO VA automatic proofer unit is very easy to use. This is all down to the sophisticated IQ COOL control system, which guarantees a high-quality evenly baked product. 

Your bakery items can be stored in the COPRO TL dough storage unit for several weeks and not suffer any loss of quality. The unit’s specially designed ventilation system ensures the perfect atmosphere. You can dramatically increase the cost-effectiveness of your production line with this storage option. The evenly controlled air circulation in the AEROMAT’s modern climate units ensures optimum proofing conditions in the system.

More information on proofing/interrupting


Cooling technology as a plug-in cabinet system

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The COBOX plug-in cabinet system is the perfect solution for storing fresh, frozen and semi-finished bakery products. Available in the COBOX VA and COBOX HLF models, this system can be purchased as an automatic proofer or a shock freezer. They come with an IQ COOL control as standard, so they are very easy and intuitive to use in addition to being space-saving and efficient. 

If you need to store pre-cooled goods, the COOLING K unit is just what you need, while the COOLING TK deep-freeze system is perfect for pre-frozen goods. Both models feature optimum insulation and a user-friendly control.

More information on plug-in systems