Using a freezer to conserve baked goods in the bakery

The proofing process for fresh dough can be quickly interrupted using a freezer without causing moisture loss in the products. Our professional conservation systems are also suitable for storing baked products in your bakery over longer periods of time. You will find the perfect system for long-term dough storage here at WACHTEL.

Long-term storage without a loss of quality

Cooling or shock freezing the dough pieces using a freezer is the best way to interrupt the production process of your baked goods. The fast cooling method interrupts the proofing process without any loss of moisture in the dough. Ultra-fast cooling, also known as shock freezing, prevents large ice crystals from forming. Once the desired cooling temperature has been reached, the dough can be easily stored without any loss of quality. 

In terms of the process, freezing unproofed dough pieces in a freezer is quite similar to proofing interruption. But once the cooling temperature has been reached, the dough pieces need to be repacked in plastic bags. They can then be stored at temperatures of at least -18 °C for up to several weeks.

WACHTEL’s sophisticated deep-freeze systems are great solutions for conserving baked goods. The deep-freeze storage systems in the COSERV series are reliable appliances that use high-performance cooling technology to keep even the most difficult bakery and pâtisserie products fresh. 

The COSHOCK conservation system is designed to be loaded with rack trolleys. Its large evaporator and thick insulation help to safely and expertly conserve all bakery products. After they are thawed, the dough is as fresh as ever and can be worked as soon as it is removed from the freezer.

COSERV and COSHOCK – high-performance freezers by WACHTEL

The freezers in the COSERV series are excellent bakery appliances for deep-freezing and storing fully proofed, unproofed and freshly baked bakery or pâtisserie products. Their relatively high air humidity and low air velocities enable bakers to conserve even the most demanding bakery products, which can be arranged on up to 480 trays in the COSERV system. The system’s housing features 120 mm thick insulation and a refrigeration unit with a large condenser for ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C.


The COSERV E also boasts a separate shock compartment so that the required storage temperature can be reached as quickly as possible through shock freezing. Temperatures of -35 °C can be achieved with this method. The shock compartment can also be fitted with a core temperature sensor upon request. The smart IQ COOL control is built in as standard in all models in the COSERV series. 


Freezers in the COSHOCK range enable fully proofed and unproofed dough as well as freshly baked bakery products to be cooled quickly. They feature a high-performance stand evaporator or a block evaporator on the ceiling. The conservation system is specially designed to be loaded with rack or freezer trolleys.


In the COSHOCK SWIFT version, the air is accurately conducted over each individual tray using the unit’s high-performance block evaporator and LWS air-flow system. This ensures efficient, high-performance cooling at all times. By contrast, the COSHOCK FLASH system features a high-performance standing evaporator with direct air supply.