Effective conservation of baked goods and dough pieces

More than 30 years of experience are put into our Swift conservation system Conservation capacities are between 26 kg and 133 kg.

The Swift conservation system is designed for loading with rack freezer carts. It stands out thanks to its space-saving design; the models of the A series are just 140 cm wide. Other custom sizes are possible. Swift provides the means for the quick conservation of:

  • pieces of dough
  • ready or semi-baked products
  • cream cakes
  • etc.

at the storage or packaging temperature desired.

There are one or two high-performance evaporators on top of the unit. Air is directed by the Stamm LWS air panel system across each separate tray which guarantees that chilling is controlled evenly.

The units are supplied with different cooling equipment. The Swift units can also be supplied as a push-through system on request.


  • Temperature range of -10°C to -40°C
  • Exterior made entirely of stainless steel (Mini-SWIFT)
  • High-performance units for ambient temperatures up to 43°C
  • Energy-saving condenser fan control is a Wachtel standard

Technical Data

Anzahl Backbleche / Wagen 1-5 Wagen 800 x 650
Maße (BxTxH)[mm]1290-3565 x 1465 x 2980
Maße Tür (BxTxH)[mm]1 Drehtür 900 x 2000
Befahrbar Abhängig ob mit oder ohne Bodenaushub (sonst mit Auffahrrampe)
Temperaturbereiche [°C]-35 bis -10
Mehrtürig möglich Bedingt möglich
Cool Rising nein