Deep-freeze storage and shock freezing

The COSERV E features a separate "shock" compartment. You are assured of the accelerated freezing of your premium products with it as well.

Here temperature ranges of -10°C to -40°C are possible. The housing is made entirely of stainless steel and insulated at 120 mm all around. This series has a separate conservation compartment and is highly efficient and sparing in energy consumption as a result. What is more, the product stored is not adversely affected by temperature fluctuations. The intermediate panel has a servomotor inside the conservation and storage partition. The temperature can be scanned by sensors even for the storage section. Can be equipped with a core temperature sensor for the conservation compartment on request. The highly efficient units can be operated at ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

  • IQ COOL control system
  • automatic thawing
  • for trays 600 x 400 mm or 600 x 800 mm
  • Cooling unit with large-surface condenser for ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C


  • core temperature sonsor for "shock" compartment

Technical Data

Trays of 35 mm (600x400 mm) 158-446
Trays of 35 mm (600x800 / 580x780 mm) 79-223
Dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]2165-4790 x 1180 x 2340
Dimensions door (WxDxH)[mm]1 Luke 620 x 600 + 1 Luke 620 x 1100 + 2-8 Luken 620 x 850
Passable no
Connected load[kW]6,0-12,0
Connected load SPEED execution (not E-9)[kW]8,0-12,0
Temperature range [°C]-35 to -5
Several doors possible no
Cool Rising no