Deep-freeze storage

For conservation of fresh pieces of dough, cakes and baked goods and their long-term storage.

With the "K" series conservation system for baked products temperature ranges can be adjusted from -10°C to -40°C. The most difficult baked and confectionery products can be easily stored and conserved thanks to the high relative humidity and a low air speed. Here you can produce large quantities, then store them without a loss in quality and take them out when needed. The housing is made of stainless steel and insulated at 120 mm all around. The highly efficient units can be operated at ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

  • IQ COOL control system
  • automatic thawing
  • for trays 600 x 400 mm or 600 x 800 mm
  • Cooling unit with large-surface condenser for ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C

Technical data

Trays of 35 mm (600x400 mm) 192-480
Trays of 35 mm (600x800 / 580x780 mm) 96-240
Dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]1990-4615 x 1060 x 2640
Dimensions door (WxDxH)[mm]4-10 Luken 620 x 850
passable no
Connected load[kW]5,5-10,0
Connected load SPEED execution (not K-4)[kW]9,0-11,00
Temperature range [°C]-25 to -10
Several doors no
Cool Rising no