Cooling concepts from many years of experience

We know what it is all about! We plan your cooling concept with you together. On doing so, our technical advisers take your existing systems, as well as your operational data and your wishes, into account.

From this collaborative planning we develop your cooling concept for you. It is tailored to your operation for your success. With the right cooling concept you are setting the course for your future.

We not only plan the unit cells, doors, computers and electric control cabinets, but every thread that sees to it that your systems operate flawlessly at your location intersects here. And we not only produce, but we are innovative too.

The following examples provide you a window on our capability. Take the appropriate size and the corresponding space arrangement into account.

Read the report about our project at bakery Steiskal

The same quality of baked goods every day: that is a claim that is quite difficult to achieve in many bakery branches given different sales staff. This is exactly what is possible with the COOL RISING PLUS system. Parameters relevant to quality are set directly in production here.

The doughs are stacked in the COOL RISING PLUS system with the help of boards, where they can be simultaneously proofed and stored. The equipment automatically switches over to the storage function once the target temperature is reached. Therefore ready-to-bake doughs are available in production at any time.

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