Shock freezing and long-term storage

The COBOX HLF enables you to freeze fresh dough pieces and store frozen dough and semi-finished bakery products.

Your goods will be kept fresher for longer at temperatures of -25 °C to 0 °C, and you can take out the dough as and when needed. 

For shock freezing of

  • pieces of dough

and for long-term storage

  • of frozen pieces of dough and semi-finished baked products

Temperature range: -5°C to -35°C


  • IQ COOL control system
  • loadable by rack cart (B) or trays
  • brush-finished stainless steel outside
  • for trays 600 x 400 mm or 600 x 800 mm
  • door inside with riser hinges and door handle lock
  • automatic thawing