Proofing and proofing interruption in the bakery

Bakers can see major potential in the ability to skilfully control proofing conditions such as temperature and moisture. This can stagger working hours and have a major influence on the quality of the baked goods. You can master the entire air-conditioned production process in the bakery and accurately manage and monitor all conditions with WACHTEL bakery technology. Whether you need the fully automatic proofer with built-in proofing interruption or an air-conditioned proofing unit, you will find the right systems for your business here.

Climate proofing cabinets/floor-mounted units

Using cooling technology to control the proofing process

Precise proofing control using proofing interruption and air-conditioned proofing units is part and parcel of modern baking. Proofing is the key process that allows bread, pastries and yeast dough pieces to rise and that ensures premium-quality products. To make the process efficient, it is vital that the important process of proofing is controlled as precisely as possible so that it can be perfectly coordinated with upstream and downstream procedures. 

Proofing retardation can lengthen the proofing time to up to 24 hours when the dough pieces are stored at temperatures of -5 °C to +5 °C. The dough can be stored for up to 72 hours if the proofing is interrupted by lowering the core temperature to between -15 °C and -18 °C. Interrupting the proofing stops the yeast from activating, and enzymatic activity also comes to an almost complete standstill. 

In its capacity as a supplier with many years of experience, WACHTEL has become a one-stop shop for sophisticated cooling concepts for premium baking quality and flexible, streamlined production processes.

AEROMAT – air-conditioned proofing units for perfect baking quality

The AEROMAT by WACHTEL offers the perfect conditions for proofing your bakery products. It comes in a standard or push-through proofer design with single to 4-fold widths. The insulated proofing cell doors are made of stainless steel and feature an all-round door seal and inspection window. A 60 mm thick floor construction creates a stable proofer atmosphere

Modern, compact climate units allow for even ventilation in the space. They are ideally placed on the back wall or side walls to ensure the temperature and humidity can be constantly and precisely regulated. The air-conditioning parameters are easy to set via the deluxe digital air-conditioning control

For particularly homogeneous air conditioning that does not damage the product on any shelf level, the air-conditioned proofing units can be fitted with a DEWA flow-optimised air-flow system in special AEROMAT designs. The indirect air flow boasts minimal air turbulence, so it is gentle on the bakery products and offers excellent protection against skin formation and drying out. This model can be fitted with optional added extras, such as an innovative high-performance heating unit or a powerful steaming unit with fine mist.

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COPRO series: proofing, proofing retardation and proofing interruption in one

COPRO proofing interruption

The COPRO VA system combines proofing and cooling processes in one appliance. As a fully automatic proofer, the COPRO enables bakers to proof fresh dough pieces at temperatures of -25 °C to 40 °C. It can also be used for fully automatic proofing retardation and interruption at the same time. 

As a proofing interruption mechanism, the COPRO dough storage units enable bakers to cool, conserve and store their bakery products over longer periods of time and at temperatures of -25°C to +5° C. The COPRO cooling unit, which operates at temperatures of 0 °C to 10 °C, is designed to cool fresh dough pieces, cakes and bakery products. 

Our professional systems feature a specially designed high-performance evaporator – the only one of its kind on the market – and a sophisticated WACHTEL air-flow system. All units are made of special sandwich panels for efficient energy consumption and a long service life.

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Interrupting the proofing process for flexible production

Proofing interruption takes the load off bakers during peak production times as it staggers the timing and the required storage space. Bakers can only create premium-quality products if the dough pieces are baked at precisely the right time. So the right capacities are required, too. 

The proofing process can be interrupted for a defined period of up to 24 hours through proofing retardation or for up to three days if a proofing interruption mechanism is used. The long, controlled process at low temperatures also improves the quality of the dough’s flavour in comparison to shorter, hotter proofing processes.