AEROMAT – Proofer

For optimal baked good quality

    The proofing process has a vital impact on the quality of the baking results in your bakery. In the AEROMAT proofer by WACHTEL, you can accurately control the dough’s proofing process. 
    The air-conditioned proofer is custom-made so that you can maximise the space in your business premises. Make the most of state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology for total control over the atmosphere in your proofer.


    An in-depth look at the AEROMAT proofer

    The AEROMAT proofer series features five standard models in various designs, each one fulfilling different spatial and production requirements. There is something for every bakery in this range. The AEROMATs are available in a standard or pass-through proofer format with single, double or 4-fold widths. It can also store up to 32 rack trolleys. These proofers are custom made in accordance with customer specifications and accurate to the centimetre, ensuring that the space in your bakery is maximised.

    The climate units on the back wall or the side walls ensure even humidification and temperature control in short time frames. The WACHTEL deluxe air-conditioning control allows bakers to set the temperature, humidity, proofing time and lighting simply and easily on the unit front.

    The 60 mm thick floor construction and insulated stainless steel hinged doors with an all-round door seal guarantee a stable atmosphere in the proofer. The inside of the proofing units feature sturdy impact protection and an energy-efficient illuminated ceiling with shatter protection. The sturdy AEROMAT air-conditioned proofing units come with reliable tongue and groove and interlocking connections for quick installation.

    The AEROMAT proofer can also be fitted with various special designs. A DEWA (ceiling/wall) flow-optimised air-flow system ensures low air velocities and homogeneous air-conditioning that does not damage the product. A powerful steaming unit with fine mist created with freshwater atomisation maximises the dough pieces’ even moisture uptake. An innovative, high-performance, flat heating unit precisely regulates the atmosphere in the proofer, so the results are even and reproducible.

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    The AEROMAT proofer: product highlights

    • Ideal use of space through custom-made manufacture
    • a modern, compact floor-mounted appliance for even air-conditioning in a large space
    • modern insulation technology with 60 mm thick, PU foam, non-CFC sandwich panels
    • unit front made of high-grade, low-maintenance stainless steel
    • easy-to-set air-conditioning parameters via a digital air-conditioning control in the unit front
    • professional air-conditioning technology for perfect and continuous moisture and temperature regulation in AEROMAT special designs

    The AEROMAT proofer: technical data

    Technical dataUnitValue
    Max. temperature[°C]35
    Max. rel. humidity (special designs)[%]95 (99)
    Height of floor-mounted air conditioning unit (with stands)[mm]1465 (1565)
    Width of floor-mounted air conditioning unit (with stands)[mm]600 (655)
    Depth of floor-mounted air conditioning unit[mm]240
    Proofer wall thickness[mm]60
    Proofer door opening (clearance width): individual door[mm]750/850/1050
    Proofer door opening (clearance width): double door[mm]1610/1810
    Side shatter protection in the unit (respectively)[mm]15
    Water flow (1/2“ supply line) [l/min]2
    Voltage/frequency[V [Hz]]400/50
    Control voltage[V]230
    Hygrostat control voltage[V]24
    On-site fuse protection[A]16
    Connected load[kW]6

    The AEROMAT proofer – reliable and versatile with a focus on the proofing process

    The proofing process is the key to preparing dough pieces before they are baked. Bakers define proofing as the alcoholic fermentation through yeast, in other words using yeast enzymes to separate simple sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The proofing process is the phase in which a yeast dough piece rises once again after being shaped. It is vital for optimum baking quality

    The proofing process is influenced by factors such as temperature, air humidity and proofing time. The optimum conditions for the proofing process for loose dough pieces are an ambient temperature of 30 to 32 °C and 70 to 75 % relative humidity. When shaping the dough, a relative humidity of 75 to 80 % is required. 

    A WACHTEL proofer is ideal for bakers who want to precisely control the proofing process as the atmosphere can be 100 % controlled and precisely monitored using microprocessor-based control systems. Our custom-made products are perfectly tailored to the needs of the modern bakery. As a supplier with many years of experience, WACHTEL is your perfect partner for sound baking technology. Get in touch with our experts now.