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Every baker worth his salt knows that the quality of the bakery products is determined by proofing, proofing retardation and interruption before baking even begins. 

Whether you opt for the automatic proofer, dough storage unit or air-conditioned proofing unit, the COPRO series will give you full control over your proofing and cooling processes. So you get premium-quality baking results from perfectly prepared dough. 

COPRO systems: an in-depth look at our fully automatic proofers, dough storage units and air-conditioned proofing units

COPRO VAs proof and cool in one unit. This combination is the key to a bakery’s excellent results and performance. The COPRO VA fully automatic proofer is suitable for a broad range of uses. It can proof, conserve and store dough over longer periods of time. The fully automatic proofer can also be used to retard and interrupt the proofing process. The temperature range is between -25 °C and +40 °C.

COPRO dough storage units can be used to conserve fresh dough pieces, cakes and bakery products in your bakery or pâtisserie. These items can also be stored in the units over longer periods of time. 

If you simply want to cool your dough pieces, cakes and bakery products, then the COPRO cooling units are the right choice for you.

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Technical data for the COPRO systems

COPRO VA (fully automatic proofer)

Proofer for fully automatic proofing retardation and interruption and proofing fresh dough pieces.

Floor3 mm stainless steel basin
Unit housingstainless steel interior and exterior
Temperature range-25 °C to +40 °C
Air humidityapprox. 45 % - 99 % rel. humidity
ControlIQ COOL
Air-flow systemDEWA
Option Ultrasonic humidification

You can complete several production steps in one appliance with a fully automatic proofer by WACHTEL. Both the proofing and cooling processes for proofing retardation and storage can be accurately controlled in this unit. COPRO fully automatic proofers are high-performance steaming units with a special WACHTEL system for producing wet steam using freshwater fine mist to facilitate the perfect moisture uptake for the dough pieces. Important proofing conditions, such as temperature and humidity, can be set using the clear IQ COOL control panel situated at eye level on the machine’s door. 

COPRO GV (cooling unit)

A cooling unit for cooling fresh dough pieces, cakes and bakery products.

Floor3 mm stainless steel plate
Temperature range+0 °C to +10 °C
Air humidityapprox. 90 % rel. humidity
Controls IQ COOL
Air-flow systemDE

COPRO TL (dough storage unit)

Dough storage unit for the conservation of fresh dough pieces, cakes and bakery products and their long-term storage. 

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Boden3 mm Edelstahlplatte
Temperaturbereich-25°C bis +5°C
Luftfeuchtigkeitca. 90% rel. Luftfeuchte
Steuerung IQ COOL
Luftführungssystem DE

The product highlights of COPRO systems

Specially designed sophisticated air-flow systems for homogeneous air conditioning that does not damage the product. Specially designed high-performance evaporator, the only one of its kind on the market, that delivers optimum performance, efficiency and hygiene. Specially manufactured sandwich panels for efficient energy consumption, cost-effectiveness and a long life cycle.

The floor of every COPRO system, be it a fully automatic proofer or a dough storage unit, is made of stainless steel and is built in and wired by experts. The solid stainless steel leaf doors are polyurethane foamed for optimum insulation. The serial design also features door-frame heating and highly resilient door handles and hinges. 

All COPRO systems feature a number of sensors, enabling bakers to closely monitor processes. The control panel is built into the door, which is practical as it gives bakers a direct overview of all current processes.

COPRO - for full control over the proofing and cooling processes

The proofing process is an important step when baking goods in the bakery. Bread, pastries and yeast dough can only reach their full potential if the proofing process has run smoothly. The proofing interruption feature in our units is often seen as a quality attribute. Yeast dough pieces kept at low temperatures for a longer period of time taste much better than dough pieces that have undergone a shorter, hotter proofing process. 

Spacing out production peaks over time is a space-saving measure in bakeries. It also has major benefits in terms of proofing retardation and interruption. Get in touch with our experts to make the most of these benefits!

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