Fully automatic proofers

The Copro fully automatic proofers combine proofing and cooling processes in one unit. This combination is key to performance and yields.

All Copro automatic proofer units are computer-controlled and monitored by several sensors. The chiller and the steaming system are expressly designed to accommodate the particular room size and cooling performance. All Copro cells are made of sandwich panels manufactured specifically for your operation - important for efficient use of energy, operating efficiency and long service life. The 80 mm – 120 mm thick cells of the unit boast top-quality insulation values. The conical bracketing system, tongue and groove and foamed-in eccentric nylon fasteners prevent cold bridging. Stainless steel equipment inside and out as standard. Walls and ceilings have insulation made of 100% CFC-free polyurethane. The floor of every Copro cell is made of special stainless steel, professionally embedded and laid. The rock-solid stainless steel double wing doors are also foamed with polyurethane and insulated. Other equipment features of the series include the magnetic seals, the door frame heating and door handles and hinges able to withstand exceptionally heavy stress.

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