Cooling concepts from many years of experience

We know what it is all about! We plan your cooling concept with you together. On doing so, our technical advisers take your existing systems, as well as your operational data and your wishes, into account.

From this collaborative planning we develop your cooling concept for you. It is tailored to your operation for your success. With the right cooling concept you are setting the course for your future.

We not only plan the unit cells, doors, computers and electric control cabinets, but every thread that sees to it that your systems operate flawlessly at your location intersects here. And we not only produce, but we are innovative too.

The following examples provide you a window on our capability. Take the appropriate size and the corresponding space arrangement into account.

CO2 cooling cells: cooling with a natural coolant

Responsibility towards nature and society is more important than ever before. We are also committed to these goals, and aim to use innovative, natural cooling technology solutions to protect the climate and help make the world more sustainable. We view product development and optimisation as a continuous process, aimed at producing modern cooling systems based on sustainable, low-emission and energy-efficient technologies that also offer excellent user comfort.

In accordance with EU climate change mitigation targets, harmful synthetic coolants (fluorinated greenhouse gases) are being steadily phased out and replaced by alternatives. The current approach to such solutions is therefore “natural cooling”.

CO2, which is also referred to as R744 in chemical coolant specifications, is a natural coolant. CO2 is a trace gas in Earth’s atmosphere and has the lowest greenhouse gas potential of all coolants (with a GWP of 1). Technically speaking, it is actually climate-neutral.

While CO2 used to perform less well in terms of energy efficiency when compared with other coolants, the technological advances made since then mean that CO2 is now the equal of any other coolant.

Our cooling systems are also available as CO2-powered system, as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional systems. Many satisfied WACHTEL customers are now successfully operating their own CO2 systems. Why not take a look?

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Customized cooling concepts adapted to your needs!

Our many years of experience in cooling technology enable us to provide you with products that tackle everyday bakery issues and have been perfectly tailored to your business. We love planning and creating custom cooling concepts with our customers. So we can incorporate all the key factors, such as your existing systems and your business figures, into the design and tailor our products to your bakery’s requirements.

It goes without saying that we provide comprehensive advice and the usual WACHTEL quality service with all our cooling systems. We also work hard to make the energy footprint of our cooling technology as low as possible. As energy costs continue to rise, investing in energy-saving appliances soon pays off. Your bakery can benefit from energy-efficient cooling technology and help to look after the environment.

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