COSERV hatch unit

Hatch unit for deep-freeze storage and shock freezing of unpackaged goods

Whether for fully-proofed, unproofed or freshly baked bakery or pâtisserie products, COSERV cabinets offer deep-freeze storage and in a separate “shock compartment” of COSERV E they also enable the required storage or packaging temperature to be reached as quickly as possible through shock freezing.

COSERV K for deep-freeze storage

For the conservation of fresh dough pieces, cakes, tarts and bakery products and their long-term storage. Temperature ranges between -35 °C to -5 °C can be set in the Bakery Products Conservation System of the “K” Series. The most difficult bakery and patisserie products can be easily stored and conserved due to the relatively high humidity and a low air speed. Here large volumes can be produced and stored without any loss in quality and then removed. The casing is made from stainless steel with all-round 120 mm insulation. The high-performance aggregates can be operated at ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C.

COSERV E - for deep-freeze storage and shock-freezing

COSERV E has a separate “shock compartment” which ensures you can quickly freeze your premium products. The casing is made completely from stainless steel with all-round 120 mm insulation. This series has a separate conservation compartment making it particularly efficient and sparing in its energy use. Furthermore, the stored product is not exposed to temperature fluctuations. The intermediate panel has a servomotor between the conservation and storage partition. Sensors scan the temperature, even for the storage section. On request the conservation compartment can be fitted with a core temperature sensor. The high-performance aggregates can be operated at ambient temperatures of up to 43 °C.

Technical specifications

Trays at 35 mm (600x400 mm)   192-480 158-446
Trays at 35 mm (600x800/580x780 mm)   96-240 79-223
Dimensions (BxTxH) [mm] 1990-4615x1060x2640 2165-4790x1180x2340
Door dimensions (BxTxH) [mm] 4-10 Hatches 620x850 1 Hatches 620 x 600 + 1 Hatch 620x1100 + 2-8 Luken 620 x 850
Passable   no no
Connected load [kW] 5,5-10,0 6,0-12,0
Connected load SPEED modell (not K-4) [kW] 9,0-11,0 8,0-12,0
Temperature zones [°C] -25 to -10 -35 to -5
Possible with multiple doors   no no
COOL RISING®   no no

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