Perfect for your café equipment

Fast and easy, but with full capacity. There are plug-in cabinets for cooling, high-performance freezing and automatic proofing. All-purpose cabinets are used for storing pre-cooled or pre-frozen raw materials and other ingredients. Top-quality insulation and efficient cooling equipment for an optimum price-performance ratio.   Thanks to our state-of-the-art IQ COOL control, using it is as easy as using a refrigerator!

COBOX VA - The expert for proofing processes

By purchasing a COBOX unit, you are investing in a cabinet system for storing fresh and frozen, semi-finished baked goods. With a temperature range of -25 °C to +40 °C, your dough pieces can undergo proofing, proofing retardation and proofing interruption processes for perfect texture. Fitted with the innovative IQ COOL control as standard, you can opt for the trolley push-in or tray storage design depending on your company’s specific needs. The automatic defrost function makes cleaning the machine so simple.

COBOX HLF - Shock freezing and long-term storage

The COBOX HLF enables you to freeze fresh dough pieces and store frozen dough and semi-finished bakery products. In a temperature range of - 25 ° C to -5 ° C, your goods stay fresh for a long time and you can freeze dough pieces as needed. It is possible to shock freeze dough pieces, frozen dough pieces and semi-finished baked goods. The COBOX HLF also enables long-term storage.

Technical specifications

Features Unit COBOX VA 6080-5 COBOX VA 6080-4-B and VA 6080-5-B COBOX HLF
Number of baking trays / trolleys   Sheet holder 50 pcs. 600x800 1 trolley 800x650 Sheet holder 50 pcs. 600x800
Dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 780x1120x2670 960x1000x2290-2610 780x1120x2670
Door dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 1 revolving door 620x1790 1 revolving door 700x1900 700x1900
Passable   no yes yes
Connected load [kW] 3,0 3,0 2,5
Temperature ranges [Celsius] -25 to +45 -25 to +45 -25 to -5
Possible with multiple doors   no no no
COOL RISING ®   no yes no

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