Bäckerei Volkmann - higher productivity through complete automation

At the Bäckerei Volkmann in Heuchelheim in central Germany, an important step towards modernisation was made in April 2016 with a large WACHTEL plant. The medium-sized company in its third generation with over 21 branches has a total production area of ​​approx. 2,500 square meters. Every day between 28,000 and 30,000 bread rolls leave the bakery. In total, more than 270 different products are produced. In order to remain fit for the future, several old ovens were replaced by two COLUMBUS deck ovens with ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology) and a COMFORT loading system. The aim was a simplified handling, which should also increase productivity.



The conversion work was carried out during the normal production operation. Director Frank Pauly is satisfied: "We achieve excellent baking results. The rebuilding measures did not affect the production processes at all. We are very satisfied with the whole procedure and the results."


The Highlight:

ICT for rack oven


That´s new:

2 x rack oven (COLUMBUS)

1 x loading system (COMFORT G)