Cooling concept for Steiskal bakery

COOL RISING PLUS provides the solution

Steiskal bakery with headquarters in Kiel made the decisive step in the expansion recently carried out to the production facility by setting up four new COOL RISING PLUS systems to support the production processes optimally and profitably.

In so doing, the benefits associated with our unique cooling technology completely won over Managing Director Eckhardt Schütz and his employees.


Project fact sheet

  • Extension to the cooling equipment range
  • Commissioning 4 new COOL RISING PLUS systems
  • Simplified handling in the production process
  • Proofing and storage in the same cell
  • Optimal control process of the system with core temperature sensor
Ultra-modern COOL RISING cells at Steiskal bakery
Twin compressors at Steiskal bakery

Requirements and challenges for the project

The same quality of baked goods every day: that is a claim that is quite difficult to achieve in many bakery branches given different sales staff. This is exactly what is possible with the COOL RISING PLUS system. Parameters relevant to quality are set directly in production here. The doughs are stacked in the COOL RISING PLUS system with the help of boards, where they can be simultaneously proofed and stored. The equipment automatically switches over to the storage function once the target temperature is reached. Therefore ready-to-bake doughs are available in production at any time.


Benefits of COOL RISING PLUS for baking results

  • Excellent baking quality with more crustiness and flavour
  • High consistency and reproducibility across the entire branch network: proofing process control without any variations due to staff
  • The entire product range is always ready to bake resulting in increased productivity in the bakery

Benefits of COOL RISING PLUS for saving resources

  • No proofing room in the branch, giving a reduced capital investment and low energy costs
  • Releases personnel resources for the "point of sale", increasing service quality, the reaction and lead times are reduced and the sales figures increased