The smart monitoring-tool

WACHTEL REMOTE is an indispensable element for computer-supported production geared toward increasing efficiency. It sees itself as the Must-Have for added professionalism, transparency and perfect quality monitoring in the innovative artisan bakery. The perfect transpareny, the secure quality monitoring, the effective increase of energy efficiency and the effortless process optimizations are outstanding.

WACHTEL REMOTE is highly intuitively. The contact with WACHTEL baking ovens can be conveniently made from a distance, from any location at all, via PC or tablet, quickly, easily and absolutely securely - be it an oven at a branch store or in the bakery.  The monitoring-tool provides a convenient means of visualizing and controlling every parameter required for the baking process. The software enables the monitoring of the baking programs activated on the units as well as uninterrupted monitoring of manual operations and the monitoring of efficiency parameters.

With the WACHTEL REMOTE software the most important operation and consumption data (e.g. energy consumption) can be read and analyzed deck- and oven-specifically. Consequently, this management tool sees itself as an essential building block for pivotal, future-proofing process optimizations within the operation. WACHTEL REMOTE also offers an innovative service and maintenance tool which provides the baker with an overview across the business of all significant cycle-led maintenance parameters, error messages, life cycles, and version statuses. Information about a pending or recommended service is given automatically. The right spare parts can be ordered directly with the software as required with just a few clicks of the mouse. Compared to other remote systems, WACHTEL REMOTE offers a complete remote control tool for your WACHTEL equipment at every location.

It goes without saying that WACHTEL REMOTE is one of the pioneers when it comes to security. The system is based on the “store & forward principle”. This means that potential interruptions in network connectivity, e.g. unstable WiFi conditions in branches, have no effect at all on functionality or performance.

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