Heat recovery system

The perfect solution for energy recovery with consistently high-quality baked goods

The energy needed to heat and bake dough in an oven can be supplied by gas or oil burners, electricity or wood pellets. When baking, this energy is converted into piping hot, fully baked bakery products, hot steam (from baking losses and steam input) as well as hot flue gas (except in electrically heated ovens). The aim of energy recovery is to regain energy contained in hot steam and hot flue gas as much as possible, so that it can later be used, for example to warm water. The cardinal rule for oven manufacturers is to design ovens so that they are as efficient and energy-saving as possible. WACHTEL has been a pioneer in rising to this challenge for many years: In terms of energy efficiency, WACHTEL ovens are top class! Nevertheless, hot flue gases and steam are always generated when baking. This is where heat recovery systems come into play. The generated heat is also used, rather than being released, unused, via flues. WACHTEL offers a professional system that combines the flue gas and steam flow from several ovens and feeds this into separate specialised heat exchangers. We joined forces with exodraft to draft a concept and develop highly modern, adequate plate heat exchangers that enable exceptionally efficient heat recovery tailored to the respective medium (flue gas or steam).


Your advantages at a glance

80 % heat recovery from flue gases

On average, around 15 % of energy is lost through waste gas, although 80 % of this energy can be recovered with the heat recovery system. Once the load capacity of the buffer has been reached, the heat is passed through via a bypass on the heat exchanger. A safety temperature limiter protects the system from overheating.

50 % heat recovery from steam

The energy in the discharged steam is around 70 %, of which around 50 % can be recovered in the heat exchanger.

ROI in less than 3 years

Calculations show that, in most cases, investing in a heat recovery system pays off in less than three years.

Latest generation

We only use modern plate heat exchangers, which are ultra-compact and robust. They have a large heat transfer surface, so they are a highly efficient solution for thermotechnical functions .

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