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Fresh technology for controlled, chilled proofing

COOL RISING ®and COOL RISING PLUS are pro-cesses developed by WACHTEL which can of course be adapted to your requirements, products, and procedures. Our high stand-ards and the flexibility of programming ensure an individual solution for your business needs. We have the right answer for every product, every dough type and every special request: COOL RISING (PLUS) COOL RISING and COOL RISING PLUS allow con-trolled, chilled proofing with the smallest possi-ble temperature differences. The prepared dough pieces are transferred to the unit at room tem-perature without interim proofing, where they are stored for up to 48 hours (slow-dough method). After the slow, computer-controlled proofing, the dough pieces can be removed from the system for at least 15 hours and then baked off directly with-out determining the final proof. Furthermore: with COOL RISING and COOL RISING PLUS, the core dough temperature remains in the plus temperature range, allowing all flavour-producing enzymes and biological cell cultures to carry on working actively in a controlled way. This increases the reproducibility and enjoyment value of the bakery products.


Storage on a rack trolle


DEWA air flow system

Freshwater injection


Storage on stackable boards


LWS AUTO air flow system

Ultrasound humidification

Active dehumidification

Flavour management

COOL RISING ® and COOL RISING PLUS do not require long cooling phases at low sub-zero temperatures. Interruption of the proofing process is not initiated. This means that the fermentation processes that create flavour and aroma are not stopped, but continue in a controlled manner. What’s the qualitative advantage? Creation of superior aroma and flavour.

Working efficiently

Compared to traditional dough processes, you will save 30–50% energy, because the energy-consuming transitional phase where the liquid water in the dough piece turns to ice does not apply. Cooling and heating are carried out in the same unit. The dough pieces do not have to be transported from a suction shock system into a frozen storage unit. That saves both time and money. This also means no additional expense for another shock freezer. With COOL RISING PLUS (for stacked boards), twice as many products can be stored in the same area. This means optimal use of your cooling space. A proofing chamber is not needed in the branch store. You will save investment and consumption costs as well as valuable space.

Keep cool

The special feature of COOL RISING ®  and COOL RISING PLUS is the slow, gradual cooling of dough pieces at the end of the proofing phase. This technique keeps the difference (Delta T) between the ambient and dough temperature to a minimum. The perfect inter-play of temperature and humidity stops the migration of moisture from the crumb to the surface and prevents a migration of moisture from the dough piece to the coldest point of the unit, the evaporator. Pressure in the dough piece rises slowly. The gluten structure is stressed less. The dough water expands better. The bakery product is fresher for longer.

Constantly ready for bake-off

The perfectly proofed, ready-to-bake dough pieces ensures a fresh, wide range of bakery goods throughout the day. Fluctuations in demand can be accommodated fast. This means less pressure on sales staff. Response and lead times at the point of sale become shorter – much to the delight of your customers.

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