Digital help from afar

Remote digital help: support for installation on construction site

WACHTEL is one of the first manufacturers specialising in bakery oven and cooling technology to use the W‑SIGHT visual assistant tool for installation, set-up and maintenance work, including remote support for projects outside Germany. The platform is ideal for digital collaboration and knowledge exchange, enabling service technicians and/or customers on site to connect with our highly qualified experts at the Hilden service centre.

What is W-SIGHT? A so-called ‘Visual Assistant Tool’ for virtual collaboration between in-house staff, service technicians and customers worldwide. Experts from the Hilden headquarters help with installation, set-up and maintenance, including remote support for projects outside Germany.

Advantages: Improved quality of work done by local fitters at sites outside Germany; no time lost due to travel.

Good for the environment: Fewer business trips means reduced CO2 emissions.

Efficient use of resources: Detailed supervision and monitoring of on-site operations, plus support during installation, set-up and maintenance. In the event of problems, our staff can connect to the team on site at any time and use the clear images they transmit to analyse and help solve problems more quickly. The tool can also be used by the service technicians of our domestic and foreign customers.

Future potential: Use by the Spares Department to identify the parts; soon also in 3D site planning

Worldwide support

Here, an expert from the headquarters in Hilden supervises an ATLAS installation in Egypt. W-SIGHT cuts down on business trips and reduces CO2 emissions.

Sketch-and-text mode

With W-SIGHT, the expert can insert drawings and text annotations into the live transmission and into a still image.

Smart Devices

W-SIGHT can be used at any time with a smartphone or tablet and facilitates international collaboration with our service technicians and customers.

Smart Glasses

The fitter wears the Smart Glasses (a miniature computer) which display relevant information in the viewing pane. 


Scroll, zoom and draw: The on-site technician sees everything from the off-site expert’s perspective. Perfect for simple explanations of difficult contexts.

Shared Video

Objects such as spare parts can be highlighted, and real-time drawings and annotations can be shared via video.