IQ COOL control

Straightforward, easily understandable, intuitively operable and exceedingly versatile, these are the terms by which this control can be described!

Our IQ COOL control can be used across the board and can be programmed freely. It can be used for lots of applications:

It controls:

  • Shock freezers
  • Plus cooling units
  • Low-temperature cooling units
  • Semi-automatic proofers
  • Fully automatic proofers
  • Proofing spaces

and enables the application of 

  • Cool Rising and
  • Cool Rising plus

A different process graph is stored for each application, which enables you to follow the progress of the program selected at any time.

As an option there is a control system that monitors your unit(s) day and night. Malfunctions that occur and maintenance intervals are reported to the control system via telephone modem. Our service team can identify the malfunction on the basis of the data transmitted and inform you. Either you correct this malfunction yourself or our repair service comes to make the correction.

Our control system prevents interruptions of operations and guarantees reliable production.