Air-flow systems


With its speed-controlled air flow, the DEWA system achieves even cooling and warming throughout the entire space. So there is almost 100% uniformity when proofing the products, and there is almost no chance of skin forming on the dough.


Designed for dough storage units (TL) and dough storage units with defrosting function (TL-A). The evaporator distributes the air flow to the pressure panel, and then routes it between the unit panel and pressure panel, across the baffles and under the rack trolleys. The air at the end of the rack trolleys is sucked back in when the ceiling panel is opened.


The LWS system directs the air between the insulating panel and the louvres on every single tray in the rack trolley to separate the warm and cold air. An exchange only takes place in the evaporator. This system enables fully even cooling in the trolley