Maximum storage on space-saving boards.

Seven days, different sales assistants, but always the same bread quality. This is pure utopia in most bakeries. Sometimes the proofing is defined by the sales assistant. But this can be a thing of the past with the COOL RISING PLUS system. Quality parameters are set during the production process. The sales assistant always has oven-ready dough in the system and can react instantly in case of increased demand. The goods come out of the system and straight into the oven. A proofer is not needed.


The process is as follows:

  • Dough pieces are made as usual
  • These dough pieces are stacked on boards in the COOL RISING PLUS system
  • More boards can be added to the system at any time
  • The batch size does not matter
  • The system determines the optimum control process with the core temperature sensor, which is inserted into a bread roll from the last board loaded
  • The equipment switches over to the storage function once the target temperature is reached

Save valuable time every day with a COOL RISING PLUS system. The dough pieces no longer have to be transported from a suction cooling system into a storage unit. What is more, less coolant space is required as around 50 % more boards can be stacked in the same area.

Read more about this in the report on our reference project for Steiskal bakery



core temperature sensor