• controls chilled proofing of pieces of dough with minimum differences between core and surface temperature
  • controlled cooling prevents the migration of humidity to the coldest spot in the unit; the longer, controlled cooling time makes for the proofing process desired (partial proofing); the flavor-forming enzymes and materials go on working actively and controlled
  • if the flour does not absorb enough water, the moisture is directed to the surface of the dough piece to prevent skin from forming


  • decisively better baked good quality
  • considerably more flavor and crispness
  • keeps fresh considerably longer
  • constant supply of a defined range of goods with minimum logistical effort
  • ongoing readiness to bake the products without additional final proofing
  • extremely short lead times at the point of sale, since a proofing phase is unnecessary
  • increased productivity during productionproofing and cooling in one cell

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