A unique combination of radiated heat and air circulation in a deck oven

This design combines the advantages of two heat-transfer methods. The static baking atmosphere is set in motion by circulation fans. This results in a unique combination of radiated heat and convection (air circulation). You profit from energy and time savings and from improved baked goods and diversity of assortment.

Improved baking quality:

  • uniformly formed crusts, increased crispiness, more succulent crumb and increased shelf life
  • Optimum oven spring for all goods
  • Pre-baked effect for ripe doughs and heavy breads
  • More uniform heat distribution for improved quality of goods

Increased diversity of assortment:

  • W-TURBO can be activated by computer control for each individual deck
  • Wide variety of goods can be baked at the same time (e.g. both crusty and less crusty products simultaneously)

Reduced energy consumption and time savings:

  • Improved heat transfer leads to optimal energy utilization
  • Combining with ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology) allows for greater still optimization of the heat transfer process: The goods baked with this system are unsurpassed in both freshness and quality - and you also obtain greater energy efficiency