ICT - Infrared Ceramic Technology

The remarkable heat transfer system for rack and deck ovens

By coating certain internal surfaces of the baking chamber with a high-efficiency ceramic, heat transfer can be brought to perfection. The radiation spectrum of the specially developed ceramic features a maximum output in a specific infra-red wavelength range (3 - 6 µm), which allows the optimization of conventional heat radiation in the baking chamber. The result: an infra-red radiation perfectly matched to baked goods, capable of penetrating the surface of the raw dough, reaches the Pcore of the dough pieces faster and allows the desired core temperature in the goods to be reached earlier.


  • Earlier denaturation of proteins - while more free water can be bonded and integrated
  • Earlier oven spring - while the gluten strands are still significantly elastic
  • Earlier gelatinization - while a fine, elastic crumb is formed sooner

The best strategy for significant cost and time advantages:

  • Higher energy yield for a more effective heat transfer, that means energy savings of 10 - 45% compared to traditional baking (depending on oven practice and the goods being baked)
  • Lower baking loss, thus greater weight of finished goods and reduced use of ingredients/flour
  • The desired core temperature is reached faster, heating the raw dough to baking temperature more rapidly

The best recipe for aroma and taste advantages:

  • More Freshness: That means a more succulent, softer crumb with a longer shelf life
  • Improved Volume: That means up to 10% greater volume compared to classic baking
  • Unique Quality of Product: That means uniform poring even at the edges and a crisp yet soft crust with vivid browning

Bake with the WACHTEL ICT and give your premium products only the best!

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