Test Baking Center

Behind the scenes: Greetings from the WACHTEL test baking center

Baking in the oven is the oldest and most quintessential of the baker’s tasks - and yet it is subject to constant change. The challenges in respect of quality and effectiveness are constantly evolving. We have always given high priority to consistent research and development, for only the continuing development of our products and technologies can secure for our customers that decidedly high quality of results that our ovens help them achieve.

At our test baking center in Hilden we have brought together the optimal interaction of our ovens in a single location within the company. Our customers and partners appreciate above all the joint baking tests that they can perform together with our experienced master bakers, and the seminars on a wide variety of topics that are held regularly. 

Contact Person

Simone Nücken

Manager Marketing & Event

+49 (2103) 4904 281


Where to find:


Hans-Sachs-Str. 2-6

40721 Hilden

Telefon: +49 (0) 2103 490 40