WACHTEL stands for long-lasting quality, future-oriented technology and green solutions. We are proud of our role as a trusted partner of the bakery trade supplying our ovens and loaders “Made in Germany” since 1923. Quality and attention to detail are our aims; the art of engineering is our driving force; service to the customer is our passion.

More than 5,000 bakers and pastry makers have opted for a product from WACHTEL - ranging from small, owner-managed artisan bakers through to medium-sized industrial companies. Our customers are real bakers, who make their bread using natural ingredients. Their bread is not produced on fully-automated baking lines, but in the actual bakery. We support this artisan trade and do not supply discounters. Our customers take it for granted to bake their products in premium artisan quality and use high-quality ingredients and materials in the process. We supply numerous innovative quality leaders in their sectors, who are also pioneers when it comes to sustainability and digitalisation.

They all benefit from our unbiased consulting services, our innovative products and our professional service – whether they bake a few hundred loaves of bread or several thousand of them. We support the traditional artisan trade – both in Germany and internationally. We sell over half of our ovens to customers worldwide, outside of Germany. More than 60 percent of all ovens are electric deck ovens. The quality of our products and excellent customer service are our prime focus.

*based on an internal customer survey of 211 German-speaking customers from January 2018 to April 2020

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